Our Goal is to be a focused and consistent capital source


Georgetown Capital Partners provides short-term mezzanine capital to the residential development community.

Our mezzanine capital bridges the gap between a residential project's cost and the amount funded by a construction loan. We work with medium sized residential developers who are frequently overlooked by larger institutions. We invest in projects where value can be created and realized within 12 months. Targeted mezzanine loan amounts typically range from $250,000 - $2,500,000 primarily in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

We approach investment opportunities from a principal's perspective. As such, we are more than just a source of capital; we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to a transaction.

We recognize that many transactions are time sensitive. As a result, our ability to be responsive to our clients' needs further sets us apart. We provide an initial indication of interest within days and can move expeditiously through the evaluation and due diligence processes to a timely closing. Our focused investment structure and efficient process facilitate quick decision making.

Our mezzanine loans are an attractive alternative to equity capital. Georgetown Capital Partners will typically lend up to 66% of the equity required by the senior lender in return for 33% of the project's pro-forma profit. Our mezzanine loan can provide developers the flexibility to spread limited equity capital between multiple projects.

We have developed mezzanine lending capabilities to meet the needs of the builder and their bank. Georgetown Capital Partners' technical knowledge complements its banking experience for all types of residential construction financing; single family homes, restorations, townhouses and low rise condominiums. We target borrowers who have specific knowledge of their local market and asset type.



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